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The Idea - 1/4 Mile Sprinting & Top Speed Weekend's


Red Dwarf

The idea of 1/4 Mile sprinting is simple.

1/ Line up.
2/ Wait for the green light.
3/ Race the competitor at the side of you to the other end.

The 1st to get to the other end is the winner and the 2nd looses, its as simple as that ....

.... well almost, read on.




The start line consists of 3 beams generated by photoelectric cells which pass across each lane, and a 'Christmas Tree', which you can see in the left hand column.


The 'Christmas Tree' is used to control the approach of both racers to the start line, start the race when both racers are lined up and even advise if a racer leaves before the green light comes on.


The 1st White or 'Call Up' lights flash to call you up to the start line. As you roll up to the line and break the first beam with your wheel the 'Call Up' light stops flashing and goes constantly 'ON', you are now in 'Pre Stage'


You continue inching forward until you break the second beam at which time the 2nd White light also goes 'ON', you are now 'Staged'.


Once both racers are 'Staged' the Race Starter will push the button to begin the sequence of Yellows, and then Green to start the race.


Once the Yellow's are lit there is a 4 hundredths of a second gap before lighting the Green. Once the Green is lit the race is on and you 'GO'!


The idea is to watch for the Yellows and try to anticipate the Green. Gaining even a fraction of a second on your competitor can win you the drag race.


However, if either racer anticipates the Green wrongly and actually leaves breaking the 3rd beam before the Green is lit the Red light will automatically light up and that racer will not record a time or speed for that run.


At the end of the ¼ Mile there is the "Finish Line" where 2 further photoelectric cells are spaced 80 feet apart, which when broken record your 'Terminal Velocity' and 'ET' or 'Elapst Time'.




Top Speed Weekend's


Top Speed Weekend's are run slightly different to the 1/4 Mile sprints.


Here you are looking for your best 'Top Speed' or 'Terminal Velocity', and 'ET's' are not recorded.


Depending on the event your 'Top Speed' will be recorded at the end of the arranged distance.


However, using the 'Judgment Day' held at Woodbridge as an example, this event records your 'Top Speed' at three different distances - 1/4 Mile, 1K and 1.5 Mile.


You are set off from the start line to run the 1/4 Mile where your 1/4 Mile 'Top Speed' will be recorded. At this point you can safely pull off the Drag Strip and return back to the pits if you so feel.


Additionally, you can continue accelerating to the 1K point where your 'Top Speed' for the 1K distance will also be recorded. And again, you can safely pull off the Drag Strip at this point and return to the pits.


However, this particular event is run to find an absolute 'Top Speed' which is generated over a huge 1.5 Mile distance and see's bikes from the 200mph club recording speeds in the region of 240mph.


If this is what you have come to the 'Top Speed' event for, then continue accelerating past the 1/4, past the 1K and on to complete the 1.5 Mile distance where your absolute 'Top Speed' will also be recorded.