Standing Start 1/4 Mile - 1/2 Mile Flying 1/4 Mile Standing Start 1 Kilometer Flying Mile 1 1/2 Mile
SS1/4 - SS1/2 F1/4 SS1K F1M 1.5M


The list of riders below are registerd members of 100mphscooter.com with validated speeds.


Keith TerryLambretta SX225 Kursaal FlyerIIClass 6Elvington 1.5M136.00
Dave HoyItaljet Dragster 172cc Red Dwarf + NosTop ScooterSanta Pod SS1/4119.00
Stuart OwenLambretta 250ccTop ScooterWoodbridge F1/4117.30
17-05-2014Richard BakerLambretta 244ccTop ScooterNational Records Elvington115.80
Pete HoyItaljet Dragster 172cc Blue DwarfTop ScooterSanta Pod SS1/4108.47
Dave HoyItaljet Dragster 172cc Red DwarfTop ScooterSanta Pod SS1/4108.27
John Scrutton Lambretta LI225ccSpecialElvington F1/4107.59
Torsten WengelerZIP Piaggio 210cc Dragzip SCKCompetitionMaxSpeedFest - SS500m105.26
08-11-2016Kevin Golding1969 LD150 Lambretta 250ccNot KnownAuckland Road NZ F1/4105.04
Stuart OwenLambretta 250ccTop ScooterEast Kirkby SS1/4105.00
Darrel WardLambretta 238cc Tarmac TicklerCompetitionElvington SS1/4105.00
Joe ElliotItaljet Dragster 172cc PM SprinterTop ScooterSanta Pod SS1/4104.00
Frank OsgerbyLambretta 230ccSpecialElvington F1K103.98
Richard BakerLambretta 238cc Frightened ChickenTop ScooterElvington SS1/4103.20
Pete NewboldItaljet Dragster 172cc Loon RacingTop ScooterElvington SS1/4103.00
Terry WardLambretta 240ccTop ScooterWoodbridge SS1K102.80
Shaun FairheadTony Cummings Vespa PX 187ccStreetNat Records Elvington F1/4101.86
Jordan O'DohertyGilera Runner 183cc Shiny Red TuningStreet Scooter Auto upto 200ccEast Kirkby SS1/4101.00
Andy PearsonItaljet Dragster 172cc PSN Aero SprinterTop ScooterEast Kirkby SS1/4101.00
Keith HudsonLambretta GP238cc JB TuningStreetEast Kirkby SS1/499.00
Jordan O'DohertyGilera Runner 183cc Shiny Red TuningStreet Scooter Auto upto 200ccElvington SS1/296.00
Ian CampbellLambretta 240ccStreet ScooterEast Kirkby SS1/496.00
Paul RobinsonItaljet Dragster 172ccStreet ScooterElvington SS1/496.00
Adam MonanItaljet Dragster 172ccCompetitionSanta Pod SS1/495.00
Terry WardLambretta 240ccTop ScooterNorth Weald SS1/495.00
Shaun FairheadTony Cummings Vespa PX 187ccStreetElvington SS500 meter94.50
Jamie NewboldItalJet Dragster 125cc Lil Loon RacingCompetitionEast Kirkby SS1/494.00
Jamie NewboldItalJet Dragster 172cc Loon RacerTop Scooter - DEMOElvington SS1/494.00
Frank OsgerbyLambretta 230ccSpecialElvington F1M93.05
Trevor PeatLambretta 240ccCompetitionSanta Pod SS1/493.00
Frank OsgerbyLambretta 230ccSpecialMelbourne SS1/492.00
Paul PriestleyLambretta 240ccCompetitionEast Kirkby SS1/492.00
Peter BourneLambretta 225cc Team NippaStreetNorth Weald SS1/491.00
Tim ElkesLambretta 225cc JB TuningStreetEast Kirkby SS1/490.00
Stephen WrightLambretta 250cc AF RayspeedCompetitionElvington SS1/490.00
Shaun Fairhead Italjet Velocifero 70cc Lumpy Custard RacingStreetNorth Weald SS1/490.00
Scott ChapmanGilera Runner 172ccCompetitionNorth Weald SS1/488.00
Russell MilnesLambretta LI200cc Team Chiselspeed RacingStreetEast Kirkby SS1/488.00
Dave BettsLambretta 240cc Tarmac TeaserCompetitionEast Kirkby SS1/487.00
Josh BrownPiaggio Zip 70cc ScootermatixJuniorElvington SS1/485.00
Luke TalbotItaljet Dragster 172ccStreetSanta Pod SS1/485.00
Dean ReynoldsPiaggio Zip 172cc Project MagitaStreetSanta Pod SS1/484.00
Keith TerryGilera Runner 172ccCompetitionNorth Weald SS1/484.00
Vincent SmithLambretta GP 238ccStreetElvington SS1/483.00
Pete NewboldLambretta 225cc Tarmac TerrierStreetElvington SS1/483.00
Tony CummingsPX125 Quattrini 172cc Lumpy Custard RacingStreetElvington SS1/483.00
Pete LeadbeaterLambretta 200cc - SonnyStreet 1AElvington SS1/483.00
Tony CummingsVespa PX - Quattrini 172ccStreetSanta Pod SS 1/483.00
Paul McIntoshVespa PX205ccSalt Lake RacerLake Gairdner Salt Flat - F1/482.20
Shaun FlynnGilera Runner 172ccStreet ScooterSanta Pod SS1/481.00
Adam WinstoneLambretta 238ccStreetSanta Pod SS1/480.00
RalphLambretta 240cc SidecarClass 10SS1/480.00
Damon TunnicliffePiaggio Zip 70cc Neath SpeedStreet ScooterSS1/479.00
Nic PaslucciVespa PX XL 125ccStreet ScooterSanta Pod SS1/479.00
Jamie BryantPiaggio Typhoon 178ccStreet ScooterSanta Pod SS1/479.00
Lewis Ashforth ItalJet Dragster 172ccStreet ScooterElvington SS1/478.00
Derek CooperLambretta SX225ccStreet ScooterNorth Weald SS1/478.00
Peter MerchantLambretta 240ccStreet ScooterElvington SS1/476.00
Carl OsbourneLambretta 200ccCompetitionElvington SS1/476.00
Eden BakewellLambretta GP245ccStreet ScooterSanta Pod SS1/475.00
Barry BraithwaiteLambretta 240ccCompetitionElvington SS1/474.00
Adam UtleyVespa 125cc 50 SpecialCompetitionElvington SS1/474.00
Stuart Kirkpatrick Gilera Runner 172ccStreetEast Kirkby SS1/474.00
James WinterLambretta 225ccStreetElvington SS1/474.00
Robert CzechLambretta 200ccStreetElvington SS1/473.00
Ron MossLambretta GP225ccStreetNorth Weald SS1/473.00
Samule Dowle Piaggio Zip 77cc - ScootermatixCompetitionElvington SS1/473.00
David HardyNorth Weald SS1/4StreetNorth Weald SS1/472.00
Richard BakerPiaggio Zip 50cc - Chizzle SpeedStreetYork SS1/471.43
Steve Kirkpatrick Lambretta 185ccStreetEast Kirkby SS1/471.00
Victor DickensLambretta SX225ccStreetNorth Weald SS1/469.00
Max AldousLambretta SX200ccStreetSanta Pod SS1/469.00
Spencer DykeVespa T5 190ccStreetSanta Pod SS1/468.00
Sam Edwardspiaggio zip 70cc -Adrenalin PedStopJuniorElvington SS1/467.00
Kevin PearnLambretta GP200ccStreetElvington SS1/466.00
Mitchel BettsVespa T5 125cc - Tarmac Teaser IIJuniorEast Kirkby SS1/461.00
Paul CromwellLambretta SX150ccStreetNorth Weald SS1/461.00
Ayeshapiaggio zip 49ccJuniorKeevil SS1/449.50
Lewis Laurito 1949 Salsbury Model 85 318cc with sidecarDevore,California 1/2 mile42.00
Philip Braithwaite Lambretta 230ccCompetitionElvington SS1/424.00



The list of riders below are also registered members of 100mphscooter.com
but who have either lost their timing slips, or have not yet validated their top speed/s, or who have not yet run a 1/4 mile or top speed event but who intend running at our 2009 events, or . . . . actually I think that covers you all so far!


Trevor HarrisonSX150 Lambretta 246cc Chiselspeed DemonTBASanta Pod SS1/4 - NC104.00
Jez MannLambretta 245cc TBAGuernsey SS1/4 - NC91.00
Steven HuntPeugeot Speedfight 100cc ReadspeedTBATBA85.00
DuzzaPeugeot Speedfight 100cc carbon-RStreetPrivate Road 1 Mile - NC73.30


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